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Keizer Solutions, Inc’s Accounts Receivable Management combines invoicing and billing for multiple articles, with elaborate user setup tables that permit you automatize all accounting transactions upon what's purchased, where its purchased and from whom, comprises of trust accounting & cash management that department provides the service, who is liable for the payment of the bill. This also comprises Trust Accounting and Cash Management.

KSI’s Accounts Receivable Management delivers amalgamated invoicing and bills for multiple entities, and elaborate user setup tables that permit you to automatize all accounting transactions founded upon the services delivered, that department provides the service, for those who are liable for paying the bill.

KSI’s Accounts Receivable Management system permits simple single entry of recipient and guarantor data employed by several MIS modules. Default settings for service codes, costing brackets, and special reports are reserved by the application.

In general the objective of KSI’s Accounts Receivable Management system is to realize the shortest collection time frame. Accounts Receivables, similarly referred to as patient accounts elsewhere, refers to incomes generated however not collected. Hence, to make sure the incoming revenue is ample for operational management, the medical office has the accountability to exploit its revenue potential.

KSI’s accounts receivable management is successful in completing the analysis of the department related to and governs the revenue cycle and the accounts receivable timeframe.

Gathering challenging accounts receivable has the ability to drain your working resources. Keizer Solutions, Inc. thereby provides account receivable management services to improve on-site staff of complicated and haunting accounts receivable. KSI has a bouquet of experienced specialists and our industry-leading collections management suite will ensure efficient and effective collection of accounts thereby saving your time, finances and resources. Our versatile solutions may be combined in keeping with your specifications, maximizing your welfares, and our low-risk service it easy for you to decide flawlessly.