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The field of health information management and systems (HIMS) represents the form of knowledge of data and exercise that guarantees the provision of healthcare information to expedite real time healthcare delivery and critical health associated decision-making for multiple purposes across numerous organizations, settings and disciplines. It is related to the management of resources to gather, store, retrieve, interpret and communicate attention data that deals with patient care, medico-legal glitches, research, and designing, provision and analysis of health care services.

The Health Information Management Department strives to attain the utmost level of customer satisfaction by providing a well-documented, precise, appropriate record of medical care for ongoing patient care, investigation, education and community service.

Keizer Solutions Inc., links clinical documentation, CDI, coding, compliance and quality. KSI provides a full supplement of healthcare information management services for outsourcing solutions for clinical transcription, combining advanced speech recognition technology with superior labour and account management to simplify your clinical citations while maintaining excellence. Our tried and tested speech recognition platforms decrease turnaround periods and cuts down costs without upsetting clinical workflow, while our front end solutions deliver real-time documentation that permits clinicians to create notes for their contemporaries instantly.

KSI provides the widest range of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), coding, compliance and record management solutions to deliver a powerful relation between admission, care, and patient revenue, which enables your healthcare system to smoothly accomplish critical information across the gamut of upkeep. This radical, ICD-10 ready solution will transform CDI and Health Information Management (HIM) processes by providing influential technology and services that guarantees data quality and precision, significantly improving productivity, permitting best practices, and delivering a fully incorporated, multi-facility, enterprise-wide HIM system in a standalone platform.