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Keizer Solutions, Inc. offers a range of ICD-10 consulting services, comprising an ICD-10 Documentation and Revenue Risk Assessment. KSI’s ICD-10 consulting services are customized and based on your facility’s immediate and long term ICD-10 application needs

The ICD-10 transition involves over changing the codes in your data systems. The challenges—and prospects are to preserve precise coding, develop clinical documentation, escalate coder’s efficiency, and facilitate physicians to adapt, meantime minimizing interruptions.

With Keizer Solutions, Inc. Information Systems as your vendor of selection, you can achieve these challenges. Our ICD-10 services of clinical coding and a decade of international and CMS experience with ICD-10. We can help you to take immediate decisions to:

  • Recognise compliance hazards
  • Develop clinical documentation
  • Escalate the productivity of coding
  • Interpret codes
  • Map and adapt your systems
  • Educate and assess coders and clinical documentation by enhancement specialists
  • Educate and assist physicians

In addition, KSI consultants have the ability to assist you in refining your financial and quality performance through the evolution. Our courses recognize prospects for you to enhance revenue cycle processes, quality reporting practices and case management.

KSI’s ICD-10 Coding Services include information investigation to recognize your issues, an on-site record review and summary report. Understanding that the clinical areas are frequently obstructed by the conversion to ICD-10 can provide assistance to facilitate management and make more effective choices in perspective to personnel, opportunities and procedure enhancements.

Planned precisely to assist the use of KSI’s ICD-10 Coding Tool, our consultation helps your team to prepare ICD-9-based systems for the complex changeover to ICD-10 Coding. We offer training to create complex code conversion decisions, plan and organise embedded ICD-9 codes to support code translation, and help your IT team to export translated ICD-10 codes to your health information management systems.

ICD-10 Coding Management Services are available to deliver your team with a swift response as they continue to work through the tasks of preparing for ICD-10. KSI’s consultants are available on phone 24x7 toll-free or e-mail to help you resolve your translation issues.