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You're a medical man and that's a noble profession being the great doctor that you simply are. However, you would like a knowledgeable partner like Keizer Solutions Inc., to handle the financial health of your practice. In order for you to excel we would definitely want you to totally focus on your practice and leave the remainder to us. Consider the services from KSI's Medical Billing Company at Michigan where our medical billing services and expertise permits us to spot the redundancies, the inadequacies that cut back your practice's profit.

KSI understands your requirements fully and understands the current technology, what works and what to evade. We at KSI know the way to make it work the moment we are in. We will implement the medical billing services that have the insurance corporations acting agreeable with you. We’ve got the grasp on what’s coming back down the federal end. We know what medical services will be affected by federal laws and legislation and therefore the EMR/ARRA incentives consequently. We will create your medical billings a lot more efficient, your staff educated and your practice a lot more profitable.

Our medical billing company in Michigan starts out with an office appointment from a patient. Once a patient is seen by the doctor, all his medical information is collected. The doctor’s assessment of the patient, the complication of the medical events and the patient’s medical history are gathered to confirm an accurate level of service that may be accustomed for billing the insurance company. The extent of service is translated into a 5 digit CPT code from Current Procedural Terminology. The verbal identification is translated into a numerical ICD-9-CM code. Each of those codes are utilized for claim processing requirements.

Once these codes are established and the entire patient’s data has been entered in the system, the medical bill generator will create a file in an ANSI 837 format, and transfer the claims to the insurance company electronically by means of EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, submitting the file to at least one of the many clearing houses or straight to the insurance company. The insurance company or the clearing house may respond with an X12 997 file that lets the medical billing system understand the claims are received and whether the batch was accepted or rejected.

After the claims are processed by the insurance company, a X12 835 file is sent to the medical billing system in our Medical Billing Company in Michigan, explaining thoroughly paid or denied information, what is being paid and its reasons. This 835 file will then be imported into various medical billing software packages to disburse immediately.

Medical billing have become more challenging in the recent years partially due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA is a set of rules and regulations that doctors, healthcare suppliers, hospitals, and health plans should follow so as to retain a patients’ data privately. In recent years HIPAA compliance has inspired medical suppliers to submit claims electronically if they need to receive payment for services rendered. Medical billers and insurance companies weren't the sole entities stricken by the introduction of HIPAA. Several insurance companies and suppliers have needed extra relinquishments and documentation that each patient is needed to fill out and sign.