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KSI is your ultimate resource for Medical Billing Offshoring. Our KSI results driven ways, not to mention our intense hands-on project management assures guaranteed results.

KSI is a supplier of medical billing offshore services providing advanced solutions that blend trained professionals with progressive technology thereby boosting the revenue cycle. The correct combination of healthcare expertise and technology experience makes America a perfect partner for outsourcing. KSI works as a business partner, whose focus is frequently to extend revenues and scale back risk, employing an active approach you'll trust.

KSI is commissioned as a world leader with verified experience at providing all aspects of Medical Billing Offshoring Services to our customers, thereby yielding larger productivity with fewer resources with latest technology from our Medical Billing Offshoring Center.

KSI has incontestable and tested expertise to deliver first class solutions that are result-oriented and committed to our client's satisfaction. With a 'Total Solutions Approach', KSI works as an Associate in Healthcare like extended arms of your organization.

KSI has the ability to supply superior services derived from associate professional data of our business, in-depth understanding of our client's business and business processes. KSI hence provides correct, complete, consistent medical charges and codings, and observe management services that may create all the proper distinction.

KSI understands the complexity of assets management and takes quite more than computer billing codes to come up with healthy money flow. KSI makes use of knowledgeable employees and billing systems that enables to interface with all vendors and patients so as to bring the best attainable returns

At KSI, we have the tendency to hire and employ specialists which incorporate data-entry, entry of payments, filing claims to insurance corporations, posting invoices to patients, responding to queries from patients and insurance corporations. KSI is committed to be a valuable resource with economical, innovative processes in supporting the tending community with medical charges and compliance issues from our Medical Billing Offshoring Center. KSI has chosen a strategic international model combining the simplest of onshore and methodologies to deliver premium quality services to our customers at affordable prices.