At Keizer Solutions, we know the importance of proper analysis and timely following up on Accounts Receivable which is most significant asset of all healthcare providers. Our aim is increase collections and reduce AR days by submitting clean claims, analyzing denied claims, and following up on each claim over 60+ days every month.

Why Choose Keizer Solutions AR Analysis and Management Services?

  •  Experienced AR team
  •  Thorough and daily analysis on less-paid and denied claims
  •  AR Follow up on all claims above 60+ days every month
  •  AR days or DRO (Days in Receivable Outstanding) to be maintained between 43 to 45 with a threshold of 60 days
  •  Over 120+ days AR/DRO to be maintained at below 12% with a threshold of 18%
  •  Gross Collection rate to be maintained at 96 to 98%

Accounts Receivable Process


  •  Scanned EOB’s and Denials received at our Cloud based DMS from Providers and Medical Billing Companies
  •  ERA’s and Denials received from payers directly into the PMS
  •  Thorough analysis by Denial Management team is done after posting EOBs/ERAs
  •  Current Denials worked upon every day
  •  Aging 60+ days is generated for all providers at the start of the month
  •  High dollar value claims worked upon during first week of the month
  •  Account notes are updated after taking proper action
  •  Claims resubmission, Appeals (First & Second level) done and account marked for further followup


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