Keizer Solutions is one of the most technologically advanced companies in Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Transcription and Prior Authorisation. We are equipped with highly trained staff that if experienced with all the softwares used.

Data Integrity and Security

Not only that, We take data integrity and security very seriously. Any software that we use or develop is HIPAA Complaint we make sure that none of the data can be accessed by any unauthorised person

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management requires us to get data from various softwares so we have highly trained staff that can work with any technology required like NexTech, Epic and Chiro. Along with that, by using the historical data for analysis we are able to bring our denial rate down to less then 7%

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Medical Transcription

We have created our own Mobile Application to help doctors with dictations and uploading those recordings for medical transcription. ScryptMD is one of a kind medical transcription application that gives all the power that a doctor needs on their fingertips with 50+ trained staff ready for transcription at your order.

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