Keizer Solutions specializes in enhancing the financial performance of our clients by seamlessly supporting Medical Billing (RCM) and related processes. As a Partner to our clients, Keizer Solutions serves as a direct Medical Billing extension to Hospitals and Faculty Practices by leveraging healthcare expertise, technology and qualified resources.

We offer a distinctive “end-to-end” approach to Medical Billing. This technology-enabled approach to outsourcing services is delivered by highly skilled experts and is proven to increase cash flow, reduce A/R days, sustain best practice performance and achieve overall operational improvement. Our approach to achieving Medical Billing performance gains begins with an effective root cause analysis of gaps, losses and delays that increases visibility for operational decision making and loss prevention.

The availability of key expertise, proven business processes that lead to industry-leading results and a wide range of complimentary technology solutions enables us to offer outsourcing solutions across the entire Medical Billing spectrum to meet your business goals. These include a full suite of point or departmental solutions, as well as a comprehensive Medical Billing Operations Management solution


  •  Advisory Solutions that provide a holistic approach to Medical Billing process improvement and system optimization for every segment and aspect of the revenue cycle
  •  Accounts Receivable Services with expertise in government collection teams, customer services and billing solutions
  •  Managed Care Recovery Services including collections and business intelligence from underpaid accounts, denied account, and inappropriate access to PPO discounts
  •  Detailed inventory management reporting and business intelligence services that include revenue cycle performance audits and root cause analyses to identify and prevent recurring denials and underpayments