Why should I choose Keizer over other Healthcare Companies?

The best reason for you to choose Keizer is our knowledge of the US healthcare industry and our expertise in Revenue Cycle Management. We are thoroughly proficient in Medical Billing, Medical Coding, and Accounts Receivable Management. We have mastered delivering great Quality in record Turn-Around-Time. Our delivery methodology is driven by quality and commitment, which ensures improved overall processes and client satisfaction.

We already do billing "In-House", why should we switch to your services?

Eighty to Ninety percent of a physician’s income today is cycled through medical insurance companies. In today’s regulatory environment the majority of physicians do not have the time to keep abreast of the latest regulations as well as developments in Revenue Cycle Management.
While you may currently be doing your billing in-house you need to ask yourself these questions?

  •  Are we maximizing re-imbursement for the patients we cater to?
  •  Do we have the services of a professional coder, who could perhaps catch items that are not presently being billed?
  •  Are we presently over-coding, which could possibly cause an audit down the road?
  •  Are my office staff members always behind and always playing catch-up, when submitting claims?
  •  Are we able to allocate resources to work on Denials and Account Receivable?
  •  Have we done a write off analysis, to see if our billing department is writing off incorrect denials?
  •  Have we done a cash flow analysis, to see how much we would save using an external billing service as against paying for an in-house billing department?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, it is time to contact Keizer Solutions and switch.
By using our service, you will be able to:

  •  Have Eligibility be verified for all your patients
  •  Have your data entry done and claims submitted on a daily basis, as opposed to on a “when time permits” basis
  •  Have your payments posted to your patient accounts as soon as payments are received
  •  Have your secondary claims submitted, and balance billed to your patients immediately
  •  Have all your Denials and aged claims worked upon.
  •  Reduce the number of employees involved in doing your billing
  •  Reduce the number of hours in a day your employees spend on billing tasks
  •  Enable your staff to concentrate on the problems instead of being swamped by the data entry tasks

How can sub-contracting my medical billing?

Industry experts agree it is best business to concentrate on your core competencies, like quality medical care, and intelligently sub-contract your ancillary functions like billing. Experienced medical back office employees come at a cost and must be supervised; some need to be trained. At KSI, back office medical services support is our core business. We make our money on volumes of scale, causing us to be more efficient. Our senior staff members are true physician-oriented professionals, so we perform routine medical billing tasks quicker and at a lower cost than your office is able to do. In addition, you don’t lose productivity due to sick leave, vacations or inefficient employees. Sub-contracting your medical billing to KSI will give you 98.5% billing accuracy with record turnaround time.

How will I know if you are doing a good job?

Our monthly reports will provide you an excellent picture of your practice's billings and collections. It is in effect a report card of our performance. The reports include an aged accounts receivable summary, detailed practice productivity and insurance statistics. Custom reports are available for those practices that require them. We also frequently speak with the practice manager and selected office staff to see how we can rectify problems and reduce inefficiencies.

Who would I contact daily if I had a question?

Upon signing with KSI for revenue cycle management services, you will be assigned an Account/Liaison Manager. Your Account Manager will be your main point of contact for any questions you have on your account.

What are your charges and fees?

KSI offers an all-inclusive service package that includes full charge entry, payment posting, and insurance follow-up and patient billing. Our charges start from as low as 4.5% of the collected amount. Charges are determined by the by the volume of your monthly collections. We are extremely competitive as we need to be in today’s environment, so do not be afraid to ask us for an estimate. We will be happy to evaluate your needs and provide you with a fair estimate at no cost or consequence to your practice. What we will assure you is that we will beat what you are presently getting. Our fees vary depending on your specialty, practice size etc. No matter which solution you choose, you will almost surely experience significant cost savings and an increase in your overall collections.

Does KSI follow up on outstanding medical claims as well?

Yes. We understand that apart from collecting claims, identifying uncollected claims and turning them into cash is a very important activity for the accounts receivable team. Our highly skilled AR team generates Aging Reports and they follow up on each and every claim that has passed a time frame of 60 days and above.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes, we operate in a sterile HIPAA environment. We keep track of all new code and regulatory changes and, keep ourselves updated and in compliance at all times. Confidentiality and security of your records are maintained through a combination of encryption technology and established operating procedures. Our offices and processes are all completely HIPAA compliant.

Can KSI use my existing billing software?

Yes. If you prefer to continue using your existing billing software but want to use our professional services, our IT team can set up remote access to your in-house software and we start billing for your office immediately. If your office is using cloud-based software, you just need to share your login credentials and we take it from there.

How long does it take to get started?

Once you sign the service agreement, we can start right away. Depending on your existing situation, we generally try and work closely with your existing billing company and/or billing office personnel to minimize any disruption to your cash flow.

What type of organiztions does KSI work with?

Our medical billing services are flexible enough to work with just about any organization of any size. Our streamlined delivery model enables us to adapt to your needs. If you are single physician practice, or have several offices with a team of providers, we can customize a medical billing solution to your needs.

How do we get started?

Step 1: With your agreement we will review your practice requirements.

Step 2: We will sign an agreement that is mutually satisfactory to both you and us.

Step 3: Our tech support personnel will contact your office manager and/or I.T. staff to set things up.

Step 4: We will work with your existing billing company and/or your office billing staff to ensure that claims that are already in the process of being processed are not disrupted.

Step 5: We will hold your hand through the crucial set-up process ensuring a seamless and smooth transfer.

Step 6: What is crucial to us during the transition phase is to prevent any disruption of cash flow to your practice.

What procedure do you follow incase no-payments arise from insurance carriers?

Our highly skilled professionals analyze whether the denial is valid or not. If the denial is valid we will write it off in consultation with the doctor’s office. If it is a valid claim but denied due to a technicality we will clarify it with the doctor’s office and reprocess the claim. We work on each claim until it has been paid, or a reasonable response for non-payment has been given by the carrier.

CPT/ICD Codes and regulations change constantly, does KSI keep abreast of the changes

Yes. We closely monitor all changes to Codes and regulations and update our software accordingly. Whenever changes are made, you will automatically receive a software update. We are already preparing for the next generation ICD10 Coding Requirements.

How does your service work?

Full Billing Service Solution:All you need to do is send us your work, either by scanning and uploading it to us. All your patient billing and payment data is available in Real- time basis. The cloud based system that we use completely exposes our services. You can see all the work as it is done, including statuses, notes and any missing information that needs your attention. During the day you scan your Encounter forms, Hospital Face Sheets, Patient registration sheets, EOBS, etc and upload these documents through secured (HIPPA Compliant) link available on our website The documents are downloaded by our CBO and processing (Charge Entry / Payment Posting) is completed. We will access your scheduler three days in advance to update the correct Eligibility of each patient scheduled for the day. We will release all patient statements as per patient statement cycle or a date approved by your office. We will work on all recent denials as they are processed and adjudicated by the insurance and will run Account Receivable report at the start of every month to follow up on all accounts. We will continue to work on an account till the time it gets paid or we have confirmed that the denial is genuine. We will take all accounts to their logical end.

Where do payments do when claims are reimbursed?

All payments go directly to you. We request that you send us a copy of the EOB or verification of payment so that our records can be kept up to date for patient invoices and adjustments, but you retain complete control of your money at all times. We will ensure that maximum ERA’s drops directly into the PMS application so as to reduce your burden to scan the EOBs to us, however for few insurances which only sends paper EOBs; you would be required to scan those to our CBO.