KSI Global Services addresses organizations’ document processing challenges through a unique combination of next-generation platforms powered by artificial intelligence & fuzzy logic. KSI’ Smart Document Processing solutions go beyond mere capture and archival, into the realm of intelligent interpretation, helping customers automate their end-to-end document lifecycle, optimize business processes, and intelligently validate and route business information to the right persons at the right time in the right format. Smart features of critical information and encoded break-down and regrouping of information help ensure high levels of security of the information being processed. With the ability to process both, structured and unstructured documents covering handwritten, typewritten, bar-coded and check-marked information, KSI smart document processing solutions offer unmatched versatility to the client’s varying organizational document processing requirements.


KSI suite of Smart Document Processing solutions leverages next-generation technologies like Programmatic Business Logic after the traditional image capture and optical character recognition, to intuitively identify, digitize, validate, archive, analyze, mass customize and present documents in any type or format. Customers benefit from dramatic productivity gains, high accuracy, accelerated cost savings and real-time visibility across the document life cycle.

  •  Up to 60% reduction in operating costs
  •  Up to 80% reduction in process turn around times
  •  Over 99.5% accuracy in processed documents
  •  Real-time visibility and control of business documents
  •  Seamless integration of validations and business rules
  •  Scalability to meet business volumes without additional capital expenditure